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The Craft
Articles about the craft of screenwriting. How-tos and other goodies.
What is a Treatment?
Excerpt from "Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade", Chapter 2: "Puppies and Papers" Step #1".
How to Write Dynamite Opening Narratives
Excerpt: Chapter 16: Opening Narratives, "Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade" by Esther Luttrell
Who we know
In Hollywood it's never about WHAT you know. Here's some information about who we know and how they can help you.
In The Spotlight

Previous "You Asked about"...
More letters to Esther from screenwriters.
You Asked About: Competitions, Queries & Pitches
From Roberto Ricco: "... Should I go to all of those script competitions? Should I go to Hollywood? Should I try to produce my movie myself? I know the script needs work, but they can change it when they read it and see how good the story is. Thank you."

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