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To Book Esther Luttrell as a Speaker

For an event that crackles with humor and a sense of fun with purpose, book Esther Luttrell, novelist, screenwriter, film producer, public speaker.

Whether your group is made up of writers or just people who want to hear about Hollywood and the joys of being a screenwriter turned mystery writer, Esther will touch their hearts and their funny bone. She'll inspire, challenge, amuse with her stories of life and its challenges to a woman who simply refused to give up even when things looked their darkest. You're sure to enjoy her personal story and the story she tells between two exciting book covers.


.  University of Florida
.  Dickens Reed Books & Bistro
.  The Writers Place
.  Barnes & Nobles
.  Lion's Club
.  Kiwanis Clubs
.  Chambers of Commerce
.  Shawnee Library
.  Clairmount Place
.  Lenora Blackmore Library
.  The Assoc. of Women in Communications
.  Kansas Executives
.  PBS: The Author's Corner
.  KMAJ-AM Jim Cates Show
.  Kansas Writers, Inc.
.  Kansas Authors Club

May 24 - lst of a Missouri Kiwanis speaking tour
August - Women of Unity Convention (keynote speaker)
Sept. 16 - MidWest Mystery Conference, St. Louis (panel member)
Oct. 24 - Library Assoc. (Georgia)
Oct. 27 - Book Buyers Convention (St. Petersburg, FL)

"I don't know when I've laughed so much, or felt such a lump in my throat, as when I heard Esther speak to our group. What an inspiration." Elsie Austin, Columbus, Georgia

Contact Information

For details on booking Esther Luttrell for a speaking engagement, contact her at or call 785-234-5674.


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"Murder in the Movies": Mystery Novel by Esther Luttrell
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