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************************************************************************************ Be Aware that the formula for writing a successful Spec Script has changed dramatically in the last few months! *************************************************************************************

* Line Editing * Complete Story Notes *

Writer's Market 2004: Professional Script Editing: "Low End Script Edit: $350, High End: $950"

Question: Why should you pay $750 to have me edit your script? (Treatment fees follow this full-service screenplay information)

Answer: Because I not only edit your script, line-by-line, but I show you how to edit your own work so that you'll never again have to hire an outsider. You'll learn what writers across the country learn about the BUSINESS of being a screenwriter when they take our two day screenwriting workshops. In other words, you receive your script professionally edited, with complete story notes, which amounts to having your own personal screenwriting tutor. In addition, you will receive ongoing email consultation, at no further cost, for as long as you need, or want, it.

Once professionally edited, your chances of selling your screenplay are increased enormously; a sale that will bring you profits many times over this small, and wise, investment.

The most common complaint producers have about new screenwriters is that they don't know the craft. I'll show you how to let Hollywood producers know that you've mastered the craft of screenwriting. Your script will be as professional as that sent by any seasoned pro.

While I provide you with complete editing notes so that you can learn how to edit for yourself in the future, I DON'T give you my opinion of the creative content of your screenplay. My opinion doesn't matter a twit or a twig. Only one opinion matters: that of the person in a position to buy your work. Send it to 20 producers and you'll get 20 opinions, 19 of which won't matter if the 20th is going to buy it. I'm only concerned that your work is absolutely, 100% professional, and will get read.

Have you read elsewhere on this website how scripts are considered when you submit them? The reader opens your screenplay to ANY page to determine whether or not you know the craft. If they see that you don't, the script is tossed. Their objective at this point is not to find a good story, it's to eliminate as many in a stack of hundreds as possible. No one can read the volume of scripts submitted on a daily basis. They HAVE to eliminate scripts, and they have to be harsh in their judgment. If the 'reel' breaks in their head as they read your work, out you go!

One producer moaned recently, "If software were the answer, every new screenwriter in America would be making sales. Most new writers don't even know when the software is doing something that, if they knew their craft, they'd override. I can spot the writer who doesn't know a mile away."

So, learn the craft and THEN, for convenience and speed, apply the software. But learn the craft first. You're the boss, the piece of technology isn't. You drive it, it doesn't drive you. Don't follow blindly. Learn the craft from which you hope to make millions.

For less than the cost of attending film school, for less than the cost of a library filled with useless books on script writing, for much less than the cost of a hotel room, meals, and an airline ticket to Hollywood, you will receive a highly personal service on YOUR screenplay that will include not just the edited screenplay, but suggestions on how to form a marketing plan once the script is perfected and free, on-going email consultation for as long as you want it.


+ Make certain that your completed screenplay is as near perfect as you can make it. When you feel it's ready, and you want to make absolutely certain you didn't miss a small item that will eliminate your chances before your story is even read, send it to me. Be sure your cover sheet (the first sheet of paper under the light cardstock cover) has your Writers Guild of America registration number on it. It won't be read without that number on it.

+ Book manuscripts won't be edited.

+ Mail your screenplay First Class.

+ Enclose a stamped (not metered), self-addressed return envelope (it will not be accepted without a return envelope).

+ Enclose a check or money order for $750.00 made out to Esther Luttrell.

+ Mail to: Esther Luttrell, 1269 S.W. Garfield Avenue, Topeka, KS 66604 (Yes, you can live anywhere in the world when you're a writer. The plane service is terrific). Do not attempt to send your script as an Internet Download (attachment).

I will return your script to you, professionally edited, line-by-line, with complete notes so that you will understand each suggestion and correction.

Allow 4-6 weeks for your edited script to be returned to you. And once you get the script back in your hot little hands, don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have. (Note: rate will increase to $950 on Dec. 31, 2006) ********************************************************************

TREATMENTS: Treatments, up to 15 pages, will be line edited and returned with corrections, suggestions, and story notes. Fee: $450. Follow all of the guidelines listed above for submission.

(print out this page and send it with your screenplay. Please keep a copy for your records)

"Yes, I would like Esther Luttrell to line edit my screenplay and return it to me in the stamped, self-addressed envelope I've provided. I understand that she will include complete Story Notes so that I can learn from my errors. I realize there are no guarantees that my script will be sold, even with her input, but I also understand that my chances of having it read by those in a position to buy it have been enormously increased. I further understand that even if my screenplay is perfected, I must be prepared to spend time marketing it, and I'm willing to take that step. I give my word that this material is my original work. I have included my WGA number on my cover sheet, and have enclosed a check or money order in the amount of $750.00 ($450.00 if it's a treatment).

I understand that she will return my material, professionally edited, within 4-6 weeks and that she will provide email consultation at no extra charge, for so long as I need or want it."

_____________________________________ Your name (please print)

_____________________________________ address

_____________________________________ City, State, Zip

_____________________________________ email address (your email address will never be sold or shared with anyone else)

___________________________ (date)

(signed) ___________________________________________________________

* Allow 4-6 weeks for your edited script to be returned to you.

* NOTICE: if your material would warrant higher than an R rating, it will not be read. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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