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Indy Market Update
  Posted on Wed 01 Sep 2004
"Crouching Tiger" grossed $13.5 million in its first four weeks of limited release.

"Traffic" grossed an average of $60,000 per screen.

"Before Night Falls" grossed $235,000 in its first two weeks.

"State and Mind" grossed over $580,000 in its opening.

"Chocolat" grossed $4.2 million in just three weeks.


Grossing more than $150 million, independent film "Scary" beat out "Good Will Hunting" as Miramax's top earner of all time and marked the biggest ever opening for a Black director (Kennen Ivory Wayans).

(source: Hollywood Reporter, March 27, 2002)

The Independent Film Market

RAINFOREST FILMS released it $200,000 budgeted "Trois" in February. To date it's grossed more than $1.1 million in box office revenues.

"Mysteries of Egypt", from DESTINATION CINEMA, and originally released in 1998, took in $13.4 million in the year 2000, bringing its total box office revenue to approximately $48 million.

"The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg" is a feature length documentary based on the life of legendary Jewish baseball player, released in late 2000. To date it has grossed $1.7 million (COWBOY BOOKING INTERNATIONAL).

Rosemary Street Productions believes in independent film making enough to invest $17 million new capital for Overseas Film Group. This is in additon to $40 million granted them from Chase Securities, on a five-year credit line. Overseas Film Group is the parent company of independent production company, FIRST LOOK PICTURES. Sundance acquired their film "The Opportunists", starring Christopher Walken, and Michael Apted ("Coal Miner's Daughter") directed their feature length documentary, "Me & Isaac Newton". Which goes to show that independent pictures can find success at Sundance ("Spitfire Grill" sold for a record $22 million only a few years back. The film was financed by Catholic Charities) and can attract name actors such as Walken.

nWAVE's 1999 "Alien Adventure" took in $3.27 million in 2000. Their "Encounter in the Third Dimension" has grossed $8.8 million (it was also released in the year 2000).

Indie "Cyberworld 3D", released in 2000 and produced by IMAX, grossed $4.3 million.

IRON HILL PICTURES released "Catfish in Black Bean Sauce" in Los Angeles only, in early June of 2000. The film brought in over $1 million by year's end.

WORKING TITLE FILMS sold "Billy Elliot" to Universal Focus which has grossed more than $17 million dollars on the film to date.

(source: Hollywood Reporter, March 27, 2002)
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