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  Posted on Wed 01 Sep 2004

Psst ... Did you Hear What They're Saying About Her Book ...

"What Esther teaches is 100% right. I'm the one who encouraged her to write a book. Every screenwriter should know what she has to say." Paul Mason, Senior Vice President, Viacom

"No one is teaching this. It's what every writer should know if they're serious about writing for film or TV." Donald Gold, producer,writer,director, "Miami Vice", "Diagnosis Murder" + feature films and MOWs

"Esther's book has replaced all others and is my sole reference book for my students." Scott Anderson, Screenwriting Instructor, Harvard Square Screenwriters, Boston, MA

"You pointed out one gem above all others - that the script is a direction tool, not a story. I don't think I've ever read or heard anyone point out something so obvious. It's inspired me to look at scriptwriting again... Somehow I'll fit it in with my two books-a-year contract with Orion. My first attempt at scriptwiring won me a BBC Radio award out of over one hundred [entires], was produced, and has been aired many times. Best wishes!" Jean Goodhind, British novelist/screenwriter

"My agent just told me she wants me to do treatments on the book that's being published and also the one I'm working on. What luck that I've taken your course." Mark Bouton, author, "Max Conquers The Cosmos" (Five Star Publishing. Dec. 2003)

"Your screenplay book has blown me away. A friend of mine works in the film industry (set design)...She went through your book and was in awe. Everything she's been trying to tell me on the 'how to's' and the 'whys' was explained so perfectly in your book. She also has been through college courses and workshops on how to write screenplays, but she said your book was The Best! And the most informative. She and another friend (my editor) and I have teamed together to do my screenplay. They've...torn my work to shreds, but now, with the help of your book, we're putting it back together. I seem to have a knack with [novels], but the screenplay stuff eluded me ... until I got your book." Morgan Chai

"Esther's book is the only reference I use in my screenplay writing. Other books I bought have long since been relegated to basement bookcases or the trash can. She teaches you to build your screenplay from the ground up, using language that will get work read in Hollywood." Joanne Bodner, author, "Staying Up When Your Job Pulls You Down" (Putnam) and "Change Your Tune and End the Career Blues" (Borders Book Group); Professor Emertitus; screenwriter "Visiting Katie".

"I have just finished reading and studying your wonderful text. It's very inspiring. Very easy to read. Converstaional. You did a beautiful job." Tim Backus

"Your book is a marvel of information! It is invaluable for the aspiring screenwriter!" Betty Laird, author "A Soviet Lexicon" (Lexington Books) and "Soviet Communism and the Agrarian Revolution" (Pelican Original), playright, screenwriter "Sally and I Killed A Bear".

"I have read ... your book, 'Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade'. It's the best book I have ever read on screenwriting. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing it!" Vivian Wilkerson, Playwrights Circle.

"I just got an email last night from a [production] company wanting to talk to me about optioning our latest script! ... We really have to thank you, Esther... you helped us get to the level that we are today and I'll tell you, when they read our work, whether they pass on it or not, they tell me that our scripts are always professional." Mary Kay LaBrie & Julie Malady, screenwriters, "The Weather Worker", "A Regular Guy", "Revering Paul".

"No where else can one hope to find within two covers such experience, eloquence, and craft as it relates to the art of screenwriting." Frank Dooley, Executive Director, NC Film Foundation.

"Thank you for your ... wonderful book. I really wish I'd read it before I started [writing my screenplay]... every question I had was covered perfectly in your book. Again, many thanks." Todd Knutsen

"Whenever Esther teaches her class we get many letters of sincere appreciation. Thankfully, she has finally written her accompanying book. She has inspired many to continue, or to recommit, to their work with concise how-to information. Personally, I think she's the greatest." Rick Maraske, Director, Communiversity, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

"My tiny little brain is overloaded with movie ideas. You have not just given me the tools to scribble them out into a screenplay, but have given me the motivation to do it. Thank you very much." Steven Thomas
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