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Over The Applause
  Posted on Wed 01 Sep 2004

Over the Applause ...

Paul Rabwin, Emmy-award winning Producer, "The X Files". "What Esther teaches is important for you to know if you ever intend to make it as a screenwriter."

Joseph Zabrosky, former reader, Kevin Costner's production company T.I.G. "I dislike syrupy corniness but, by the same token, all things considered, we must give credit where credit is due...Perhaps if I hadn't been around the scene for awhile I wouldn't see you as the commodity you are, but since I have been around, it was clear as day the second I saw your website that you were light in darkness. You don't have to sell my screenplay or do anything for me because you have already been a blessing and confirmation to some things I needed to hear. Thanks!"

Justin MacIntosh, Screenwriter, "Star Trek The Next Generation". "I had about given up ever making a sale, then I studied with Esther and I sold 3 Star Treks and a mini-series, all without an agent."

Steven Siebert, Vice President Development, Preger Entertainment; Screenwriter, "Village of the Damned". "Studying with her is like bootcamp in constructing a screenplay for the real world of readers, agents, and development execs."

Dick Canaday, Screenwriter "A Soldier's Story" (directed by Norman Jewison). "She even critiques your script ... and I believe I learned as much from that as I did in her workshop."

Ian Adrian, screenwriter, "Valor", "Sister to the Wind". "I had read (other) screen writing books and found (them) uninformative and almost dull in delivery. Not only was (your book) unusually easy-to-read and down-to-earth for a textbook, but the information was, and still is, priceless."

Patricia Anderson, documentary filmmaker. "Thanks for the referral to Jean (publisher, Port Town Publishing). I'm sending her the information she asked for, to write a screenplay adapted from one of their publications. Thanks again for being the best coach and cheerleader around!"

Dr. Sevealyn Smith, Chairperson, Div. of Liberal & Interdisciplinary Arts, St. Augustine's College. "Informative and refreshing! Great! Excellent! Wow!"

Jericho Admassu, "a little writer from rainy London town". "After reading [many, many] boring, unhelpful screenwriting books and struggling still ... I have at last found someone sympathetic, understanding and amazingly helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put all those informative things on your website, and the motivational poem ... wow! and all for free! Thank you so much. When I make it as a screenwriter, I will have you to thank. Your website has helped me become stronger. Now I can't stop writing!"
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