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Article title:   Submit Your Own News
First posted:   Wed 01 Sep 2004
Article text:


HOLLYWOOD NEWS TO USE: If you are aware of producers and production companies who are new-writer friendly, we'd appreciate it if you'd share that information with us. *** ACTORS - PRODUCTION COMPANIES: I try to keep up with which actor owns what production company, but if you know some we've missed, and you'd like to let us in on it, we'd appreciate that, too. Also, if you hear of an actor no longer associated with a production company, kindly tell us about that, too. We'll give you full credit as being the source of our good information. *** HOLLYWOOD CONTACT SHEET: We're preparing a list of contacts for new writers to query, names, addresses, etc. If you learn of a change in personnel, please tell us about it.


We want to share your good news with the world. Books published, e-books, books we can recommend to producers for possible film or TV offers, negotiations on your screenplay, or an actual sale (!), these are things we'd like to know. Have you made a film you plan to enter in film festivals? Tell us how you did it. Produced a video that's looking for, or just found, distribution? We'd love to help you promote it. No charge, of course. Here's the only rule we've got about such things. We happen to feel that the world is filled with enough chaos and despair that we're not going to add to it. So if your grand effort is all about the glories of drugs, or blatant sex, or ripping the head off of innocent, or even guilty, folks, we're not your cup of tea. We want to help writers who accept the challenge of telling a good strong story that make us laugh or cry or even, heaven forbid, think. We're not embarrassed to admit that we even like pure Entertainment, movies with no social signficiance whatsoever. We've got the 6 o'clock news every hour on the hour, so let's lift ourselves with the magic of our special writing gifts. Didn't mean to preach, but after all, the writer has more influence than anyone else on planet earth. Think about THAT.


HOLLYWOOD TIPS & CLIPS: If you have a unique way to get into
the film industry, we'll tell the world on our site. We have
some great stories on the subject that we'll be sharing with
everyone over the next few weeks.

WRITERS INSPIRATIONAL PAGE: Send us a story, poem, or a
thought that you believe would lift spirits when we feel our
efforts may be all in vain.


Send your announcements or suggestions, updates, etc. in 50 words or less to me at Please do NOT send
them as attachments as I don't open those. Just regular e-mail will
be fine. I'll acknowledge receipt of your note and I'll let you know when to look for your name on our site so you can tell your
friends. Your name and e-mail address MUST appear on your submission or it won't be used.
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