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Article title:   Your Script Produced on CD
First posted:   Wed 01 Sep 2004
Article text:


(available exclusively to those who have had their scripts edited by Esther Luttrell)

Imagine hearing your script brought to life by a professional narrator and a first-rate actor! Like books-on-tape, your script-on-CD will capture the imagination of everyone who hears it! How could a Hollywood buyer hear this and not envision it as a motion picture or TV movie? Impossible, you say.

To have your script produced on CD, and to receive not only the Master CD, but 11 duplicates, follow these easy guidelines:

After your script has been edited, and you've made the changes necessary to turn it into a marketable property, return a corrected copy to Esther Luttrell. A professional narrator will be hired to bring your work to life. One other actor (for opposite-sex dialogue) will also be hired. A recording date will be scheduled. When the CD is ready to be returned to you, it will come back with your script, the Master CD, and 11 duplicate CDs.When you receive an invitation from a production company to submit your screenplay, just tuck the CD between the cover and the cover sheet, and away it goes!

This Exclusive Offer is open ONLY to those whose scripts have been professionally edited by Esther Luttrell. Further information will be sent to you with your edited script.
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