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Article title:   Test Your screenwriting Skills
First posted:   Wed 01 Sep 2004
Article text:


  1. In your screenplay, you will always CAP instructions intended for the _ _ _ _ _ _
  2. The Set _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ will find his or her instructions in the 3rd bit of information in your Slug Line.
  3. One of these indicates that dialogue has been interrupted: _ _ _ _
  4. Means Off-Screen (as in off-screen dialogue): _ _.
  5. If you want a car to be filmed as it passes by, you will call for a _ _ _ _ _ _ SHOT in your script.
  6. Describing your plot in a few words is called a _ _ _ Line.
  7. A production company may ask to see your _ _ _ Page.
  8. EXT. is the abbreviation for Exterior and means that the scene will be shot outdoors. Right or wrong? _ _ _ _ _
  9. When you write this in your screenplay, it means that the sound crew will not be needed for this scene: _ _ _
  10. Whenever you introduce a new character in your screenplay, you must do this to the name: (2 words) _ _ _ _ _.


(true or false)

  1. The registration number issued to you by the Writers Guild of America goes in the center of your cover page. ____
  2. Your first tab on your script page is used for the name of your character, above the dialogue. ____
  3. If the camera is outside looking inside, you will indicate it on your script page by starting your Slug Line with INT/EXT. ____
  4. The Prop Master needs to know when you want a car to be seen traveling past. ____
  5. There is a physical place called an Insert Stage. ___
  6. The director needs all of the help you can give him. He wants to see camera angles in your script. ____
  7. When you write a POV shot you will always describe your character's physical reaction. ____
  8. The First Assistant Director does all of the scheduling and wants to know if the scene to be shot will be Interior (INT.) or Exterior EXT.). ____

You Write It

  1. What is wrong with this Slug Line? Write it correctly.


  2. Write a Slug Line based on the following information.

    We are going to shoot inside Rose Harmon's house. We'll be
    in the baby's nursery on this bright June day.

  3. Write an Opening Narrative based on the following information.

    Tom and Liz are walking down the street, on their way into a movie theater. Tom waves at George who passes in his beat up Chevy. Liz shoots Tom a dirty look.

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