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Esther Luttrell
Murder in the Movies Book Cover


When Katlin Wallace and her retired detective husband left their Hollywood agency to move to central Florida, she thought she’d left everything to do with the film industry behind—until she got a phone call one fateful night...a call begging her to come back to see her friend, Helen, through the darkest hours of her life.

Helen’s daughter, Lane Allison, once known as "America’s Sweetheart," had been a star the magnitude of Doris Day and Debbie Reynolds. But her day had long since passed. Happily married to television producer Richard Wagnor, mother of two and step-mother to his daughter by a former marriage, Lane was content at last. That’s why Helen knew beyond a doubt that Lane had nothing to do with Richard’s death, despite claims by his sister to the contrary. However, sleazy magazines were buying the sister’s story and a frenzied media had become judge and jury.

What could Katlin do but go to her friend’s side? Once she was there, what could she do but hold Helen’s hand and listen to the story Helen told over and over again of how Lane and her husband had an argument in front of guests, how the sister-in-law swore Lane pushed him down a flight of stairs, and how Wagnor had died of massive head wounds. But ... if it were that cut-and-dried, why did Katlin’s old studio buddy, a retired cop, warn her to watch her back? And why did someone see fit to try to kill her, not once but twice, in the span of a single week?

With the press convinced that Katlin is covertly helping to clear the former movie star of murder charges, she stumbles into a nightmare as bizarre as anything ever dreamed up by Hollywood’s most prolific screen writers.