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S'cuse me, but I really don't. Sorry. Still, I DO know the name of the contact person and, in some cases, I have a credit or two of theirs I can share with you. I suggest you type the name of the production company in "Search" and see if you can get a bead on them. These are from emails sent to me by writers who've made the contacts and are sharing the information with me, which I - in turn - am sharing with you.

Samual Goldwyn Films, Julie Huey, Dir of Film Development

Walt Disney Motion Picture Group, Carlton Jackson, Creative Exective

New Line Cinema Studios, Luke Ryan, Story Editor

Fox TV Studios, Eric Poticha, Vice President of Movies & Mini Series

Andrew Lauren Productions, Todd Lepree is the contact

Conumdrum Entertainment, Bradley Thomas is the contact.

Angel Ark Productions, Jennie Birchfield-Eick is the contact person. I believe this is Jason Alexander's production company.

Blue Relief Productions (Diane Keaton's production company), Amanda McHugh.

Deep River Productions, Julie Durk is the contact. They produced the movie "The Honeymooners".

Maverick Films, Mark Morgan is the contact.

Debra Hill Productions, Barri Evans is the contact. They produced "Escape from LA".

Horseshoe Bay Productions, Gary Foster is the contact. Produced: "Daredevil", "Tin Cup".

Red Om Productions, Elaine Goldsmith.

Jane Startz Poductions, Jane Startz is the one to contact.

Anonymous Content Productions, Larry Kennar. Produced: "Barbershop" and "DEBS".

Hyde Park Productions, Jane Bartelme. Produced: "Bringing Down the House".

Mad Chance Productions, Sean Wicks. Produced: "Cats & Dogs".

Carol Baum Productions, Carl Baum is the one to contact. Produced: "The Good Girl".

Red Wagon Productions, Lucy Fisher is the contact here.

Beacon Pictures, Sizann Ellis. Produced "Galaxy Quest".

David Ladd Films, Gavin Polone. Produced "Drop Dead Gorgeous".

Out of the Blue Productions, Sidney Ganis. Produced "Mr. Deeds".

Mandy Films, Inc., Amanda Goldberg. Produced "Charlie's Angels 2".

The Donners' Company, Lauren Shuler Donner, Produced "X-2".

Caldera/DeFanti Entertainment, Carolyn Caldera. Produced "3 Blind Mice".

Offspring Entertainment, Andam Shankman. Produced "Bringing Down the House".

Promark Entertainment, Jon Kramer. Produced "Clubhouse Detectives".

Adam Schroeder Entertainment, Adam Schroeder. Produced "The Truman Show".

Avnet/Kerner Productions, Jordan Kerner. Produced "George of the Jungle".

A Happy Place Productions, Lance Bass.

Weed Road Productions, Akiva Goldsman. Produced "A Beautiful Mind" and "I Robot".

Gryphon Films, Robert Gryphon. Produced "The Cooler".

Alcon Entertainment, Broderick Johnson. Produced "My Dog Skip"

Tapestry Films, Inc., Jennifer Gilgot. Produced "Pay It Forward".


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