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Sundance Information

Sundance Channel is looking for a few good ideas, so says the email I received on June 13th. To quote: "Do you have an idea for a television show but your idea is too arty? Too high concept? Or too weird and crazy? The Sundance Channel doesn't care. They'll take a look at it anyway! Sundance Channel has recently announced the creation of TV Lab, an open entry television festival. You come up with a concept for a televsion show and you have as much of a chance as anyone of getting your idea on the air. All you have to do is write up your idea and submit it with an application. If they like your idea, the Sundance Channel will work with you to come up with a production plan, give you money to produce a 3-7 minute tour of your show, and air it on TV Lab. The deadline has passed, but the Sundance Channel hasn't. Now that you know what they're up to, and you have an address (the link to their site is on this page), check them out!


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Esther Luttrell