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Your Question

Be certain that your question or advice is directly related to writing or marketing a screenplay. Email your question to me at the link provided below, and don't forget to let me know whether or not I can use your name in the book.

Esther Luttrell

Your Name in Print!

I'm writing a book called "Screenwriters Handbook" based on letters I've received from aspiring screenwriters over the years. The questions range from asking about the value in copyrighting a manuscript in addition to--or as opposed to--registering it with the Writer's Guild of America, to advice on attaching a star to a project before marketing to studios and production companies, to asking when to throw in the towel and simply give up the effort of trying to make it as a screenwriters. They also ask about specifics, like "Explain what a Slug Line is all about," and "I was promised x number of dollars if I'd write a treatment, but I've never received a cent. What can I do about it?"

Do you have a question you want answered, or can you think of a question that YOU can answer after trial, error, and experience? Something you'd like other aspiring screenwriters to know?

If so, would you send it to me at the email address beside this note? Let me know if I can use your name with your question or your advice. If you give permission, the credit would read, "From (your name)in (your city/state)." If you'd rather I not use your name, but I can use your question or your advice, then the credit would read, "From a (your city/state)writer" ... etc.

On behalf of myself and the thousand of aspiring screenwriters who'll benefit from "Screenwriters Handbook," I thank you!

Respectfully - Esther


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