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"Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade"

The only screenwriting book you'll ever need

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"World Premiere

Palm Beach International Film Festival

"Lithium Springs"

Produced & Co-written by Esther Luttrell
"Murder in the Movies"

Debut novel by Esther Luttrell

"Oh what a web she weaves. A must read for anyone who loves a good mystery."

Joe Franklin, WOR radio talk show host

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March 2005

S C R E E N * W R I T E R S * N E W S

The free Internet publication exclusively for screenwriters

Esther Luttrell, Publisher-Editor
Published the 1st Sunday of each month, if I can get around to it

Newspaper Contents:
(** denotes new information this month)

Production Companies Seek New Writers
Contact Names for Writers
How to Write a Salable Script: Free Lesson
Warning to Writers!
Your Script Produced on CD
Hollywood Trends
Agency Information
How to Market Your Work
Sample One Page
Sample Log Lines
Even the Famous Get Blistering Rejections
Critics Corner: Elvis will never succeed and Marilyn should just forget it!
Actors Production Companies
Contacts in High Places
Robert Ricco = You Asked About Competitions, Queries & Pitches
How to Write Dynamite Opening Narratives
Sundance Channel Information
Make Your Own Movies
Your Name in Print!
What's a "Treatment"?
Sample Treatment
Test Your Screen Writing Skills
The Independent Film Market
The Perfect Query Letter
Your Script Professionally Edited
Writers Inspiration
Submit Your Own News
About the Publisher
Writers Conference Room:Fascinating Links for Screenwriters
Film School in a Book
Screenwriting Book=Chapters & Chapter Descriptions
What They Say About Esther Even to Her Face
Luttrell Credit List & Credentials
Writers Guild of America Information
Conrad's Filmmaker's Dictionary & Screenwriters Collaboration Agreement
Recommended Reading
Indian Blessing

* * *
"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit."
Richard Bach

* * *
"Learn the rules so that you know how to break them properly."
Dalai Lama

Contact Information:
Esther Luttrell, Publisher/Writer - Screen Writers News -
"Screen Writers News"

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