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"Your Script Professionally Edited"


I realize that times are tough. I have lowered the fee by $200 for a limited amount of time

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"A quirky little film designed to make you smile and even, heaven forbid, think"

"Lithium Springs"

Produced & Co-written by Esther Luttrell
"Murder in the Movies"

Debut novel by Esther Luttrell

"Oh what a web she weaves. A must read for anyone who loves a good mystery."

Joe Franklin, WOR radio talk show host Gives it 5 Stars!


May 2006

S C R E E N * W R I T E R S * N E W S

The free Internet publication exclusively for screenwriters

Esther Luttrell, Publisher-Editor
Published the 1st Sunday of each month, if I can get around to it

Newspaper Contents:

"Your Story Idea Into a Screenplay
"Your Screenplay Professionally Polished"
"Your Book Adapted Into a Screenplay
How to Write a Salable Script: Free Lesson
Warning to Writers!
Hollywood Trends
How to Market Your Work
Sample One Page
Sample Log Lines
Even the Famous Get Blistering Rejections
Critics Corner: Elvis will never succeed and Marilyn should just forget it!
Robert Ricco = You Asked About Competitions, Queries & Pitches
How to Write Dynamite Opening Narratives
Sundance Channel Information
Make Your Own Movies
What's a "Treatment"?
Sample Treatment
The Independent Film Market
The Perfect Query Letter
More About Editing Your Screenplay
Writers Inspiration
About the Publisher
Book Esther Luttrell for Your Event
Writers Conference Room:Fascinating Links for Screenwriters
What They Say About Esther Even to Her Face
Luttrell Credit List & Credentials
Writers Guild of America Information
Recommended Reading
Indian Blessing

* * *
"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit."
Richard Bach

* * *
"Learn the rules so that you know how to break them properly."
Dalai Lama

Contact Information:
Esther Luttrell, Publisher/Writer - Screen Writers News -
"Screen Writers News"

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